This post addresses Global Goals 5: Gender Equality, 10: Reduced Inequalities, and 16: Peace, Justice, & Strong Institutions

As soon as I heard about it, I was intrigued. A Women’s March on Washington the day after the presidential inauguration? This was going to be BIG…bigly BIG! I have to admit that I’ve fantasized and romanticized about what it would have been like to march with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. back in the ’60s. I have always been inspired by people who stand up for what they believe in. I remember being young and wondering if I would ever have the opportunity to be a part of something so momentous and historic. And if so, what would it be about? Because, I must confess, in my naive young mind (with a lens of white middle-class privilege), it seemed that all of the major inequalities of the world had been largely resolved.  Well, younger version of me, the answers are now clear.

No, the inequalities of the world have not been resolved, not remotely.

Yes, you will have an opportunity to be a part of something momentous and historic. It is called the Women’s March on Washington, and it is about the rise of women: equality, dignity, and respect for us all.

My husband and I talked about going as a family. Wouldn’t that be great? But unfortunately, the reality of so many thousands of people there, with 4 young children in the January cold would be a kind of a nightmare. Not long after that realization, a friend of mine kindly invited me to go with her group. She said they had an extra seat in the car, and it was mine if I wanted it. You might think that I jumped at the chance, but I had to think about it. Going to this event would not be easy for me. Tying up loose ends and securing things at home is a bit of a challenge. So not going would certainly be an “easier” choice, especially since I could have chosen to support the movement from home or even from a closer-to-home rally. In the end, though, I knew I would always regret not going because like I said, this is going to be big, and I sincerely believe in the reasons behind it.

I’m going.

pussy hatThe weeks leading up to the event have been filled with updates from the organizers about where to meet, how to get there, what we are allowed to bring, etc. I have also seen people posting about wearing pink “pussy hats”in response to Donald Trump’s awful comment about women. Others posted legal advice in case of arrests. The idea of a terrorist attacks has entered my mind as well and the backlash we might face there. Worry be damned. I am preparing by checking the weather, planning to dress warmly, purchasing a pink hat, planning for snacks, and making a sign to hold.

I leave tomorrow. I’ll be sure to document the experience.

Wish us all luck!

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