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Expert Interview: What Women Need to Know About Money – An Interview with Elizabeth Cox

By July 14, 2017 One Comment

CPA and IRS Agent Elizabeth Cox provides both painful and hopeful stories about women’s financial situations, and gender inequality issues within the tax and financial world. She provides several tips that help women and men to better handle their financial state and future. This is an interview focused on Global Goal #5: Gender Equality, and #4: Quality Education.

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  • Andrea Light says:

    Excellent interview. Ms. Cox discusses many points I wholeheartedly endorse such as the importance of savings and critical analysis of borrowing. Her stories underscore the plight of women in particular who don’t take responsibility for their own financial futures which is very sad and scary. One thought is that the retirement savings that is tax deferred in the primary wage earner’s name can be offset and augmented by after-tax savings in the other partner’s name for an unencumbered nest egg. And it shouldn’t be limited to 6 months of household expenses in the event of a job loss though that’s a good goal with which to start.

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