If You’ve Been Following This Story, You Already Know That Lucy (A Wife And Mother Of 2 With A Part-Time Job) And Her Family Are Hosting Maria And Her Son, Juan – And Hopefully Soon – Her Daughter, Julia, Who Are All Seeking Asylum In The United States. Julia has been in a child detention center in the States for about 1 year already. They are hoping for reunification any day now.

Dec 10, 2019: 


OK….A bad day….again.  Today started with the folks at [the detention center] telling us that Maria’s daughter, Julia won’t be here for Christmas.  Maria was upset. Juan refused to go to school. It totally sucks. On the one hand, they said that it is just because everything takes time.  On the other hand, Julia said that it was because someone in the office is on vacation this week.

I had to go to the doctor for something that was potentially serious but turned out to not be anything.

We had an appointment set up for Juan to get counseling.  It is free and they set up a translator and everything. Juan absolutely refused to get into the car.  Crying, lying down, “I can’t go, I’m sick, my head hurts”, everything. Although I spoke in a harsh and serious tone (after the sweet talking), I did not go as harsh as I would have with my own kids.  Maria was embarrassed and crying. I figured that going all out, “You will do this thing!” is probably not the best course of action for someone who has been abused. Similarly, for a child who may have been trafficked in some way (I don’t actually know for sure) I even wonder about taking things away.  No more grapes if you don’t see the therapist….it sounds weirdly like no more ice cream if you don’t do x,y,z. So what would work? Where would one even go to figure out how one gets started with a child like this. Day to day…mostly fine. My worry is that there is a fire inside there and I want to tame the fire before it consumes the boy.  His absolute refusal to go just leads me to believe that there is a fire in there.

Sigh.  Maria is upset. Juan is upset.  Julia won’t be here for Christmas.


Next week, we will read about how Maria and Juan spent Christmas. Lucy and her family went away on vacation. Maria and Juan went to Lucy’s trusted friend’s home for the holiday.

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