We spent a couple weekends with the kids building mini houses for the homeless. There’s a 90% chance some local municipality will end up confiscating and destroying them but in the short term we hope they provide some shelter and safety to those in need.

Clearly this is not a solution to the complex issue of homelessness, but it is a physical protest to raise awareness that we as a society are not doing enough to help those living on the streets, usually battling mental illness or addiction.  We were all impacted thinking of the many things people go without and worry about that prevent sleep.  We tried to make a place that someone could lock a door, stay dry, and somehow find a small bit of rest.  How hard would it be to find your way out of poverty even just without sleep?  Not to mention the rest of the challenges people face.  One of my children wanted to add lights, but learned that when it is dark outside, it is dark for the homeless.  Another child commented when we were finished that it just needed a family.  

We have found it hard to find projects that will allow kids to participate, but try to watch for things that come along.  We are so excited about Social Good Families to get more ideas about how to be involved in making our communities better for everyone.

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