Very small changes in your daily life will lead to massive change.
Start small. Do your best. Fail. Then try again.

Eat a Local Meal in Season

Skip a Meal, Donate the Proceeds

Donate a Bag of Food

Call a Food Pantry

Learn About Food Resources in Your Area

Share Your Experiences

Donate Furniture

Expand Your Definition of Poverty

Give a Micro-Loan

Stay Informed

Spread the Word About Poverty

Donate Books

Tell a Friend, Invite Them Take These Challenges

Donate a Bag of Groceries

Donate a Bag of Clothes

Support Victims of Natural Disasters

Help a Charity Fight Poverty

Call A Local Shelter

Research Shelters in Your Area

Rape awareness

No Single-Use Plastic

Wasted Food

Female Circumcision

Eat sustainable seafood

Clean water & sanitation

Polar Ice Loss

Gender Pay Gap


Let’s pretend we’re in a support group…because we are! Share your successes and failures. We may want to feature you and make you blush.