Do your kids care about the planet? If so, empower them with these 10 ideas to implement at school! They can be easy to put into action if there is an “Earth Club” (or something similar) already established. If there isn’t a club like that at your school, start one! Kids can make a difference, especially with your support, or that of a caring teacher. Add your own ideas or modify as needed.

  1. Weekly participation in Fridays For Future (
    1. Signs up at school (classrooms, hallways, entry, lockers, etc)
    2. Wear protest shirts on Fridays
    3. Hold protest signs during lunch in approved area
    4. Discuss why the protest is happening and what it would take to stop
  2. Recycling and recycling education (what can be recycled in this area?…)
    1. Teacher involvement
    2. Petition for recycling at your school
    3. Place signs for awareness around the school
    4. Bring it up whenever possible/necessary
    5. A recycle bin in each classroom
    6. Encourage reusable containers and less plastic in school lunches.
    7. Get the janitors on board
  3. Send all dry/old markers to Crayola (
    1. Register at the website
    2. Get a marker recycle box in each classroom
    3. Assign someone to collect and send old markers each quarter (or whatever)
  4. Encourage “Green School” practices in all classrooms
    1. Use both sides of the page
    2. Make art with recycled materials
    3. Clean surfaces with washable rags (not disposable wipes)
    4. Encourage communication through technology as opposed to unnecessary printing of paper
    5. Turn off water when not in use
    6. Have teachers and administrators use “sleep mode” on their devices overnight (screen savers aren’t enough)
    7. Use power strips when possible and turn them off each day
    8. Recycle paper
    9. Could an assembly be dedicated to this?
  5. “Unplugged Hour”
    1. Advocate school administrators to support an “Unplugged Hour” to conserve energy and build awareness about energy use 
    2. Can be once/year near Earth Day or whenever
  6. A plant in every classroom
    1. Encourage teachers/classrooms to adopt a class plant
    2. Name the plant, care for it as a class
    3. A reward can be given at the end of each year to the classes whose plants are still alive and well (or even just praise and recognition at an assembly or during announcements…)
  7. Host a neighborhood clean up where applicable/needed
    1. Ensure school grounds are litter-free and encourage kids to take ownership and pride in their school grounds
  8. Encourage nature walks in classrooms wherever/whenever possible
    1. Health class (fresh air, movement, etc)
    2. Science class (experiments, observations, etc) 
    3. Art class (sketching, etc)
    4. Math class (creative math games, etc online)
    5. English (read outside, etc)
  9. Healthy/Sustainable sourced food in lunch program
    1. What is currently being offered?
    2. How can it be improved? ( AND…)
    3. Is anything sourced locally? Is that a possibility?
  10. School Garden
    1. Advocate for a plot of land (or even window space) for a school garden
    2. Create a gardening club
    3. Could it become part of a teacher’s curriculum to manage the garden with students?
    4. Could some of the food produced be used in the cafeteria? Sold to parents? Donated to a shelter?…

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